Titre : Real-time global illumination using a Latent Variable Model

Sujet proposé dans : M2 MOSIG, Projet --- M2R Informatique, Projet --- Magistere, M2

Responsable(s) :

Mots-clés : Global Illumination, Gaussian processes, Video games
Durée du projet : Stage de Master II ) - 6 months. Possibilité de continuer en thèse.
Nombre maximal d'étudiants : 1
Places disponibles : 1
Interrogation effectuée le : 03 octobre 2023, à 12 heures 10


The goal of the internship is to experiment with the interpolation of global
illumination using a Gaussian Process latent variable model. The latent variables will be chosen so as to optimize the quality of the interpolation.

Global illumination usually requires a costly calculation (as opposed to direct illumination). Based on the intuition that the two are linked by a low dimensional operator (despite the infinite dimension of the space direct and global illumination potentially belong to), we want to find low dimensional approximations of this relationship. 

Since linear parameterizations (using e.g. PCA) have some limits (in particular because they cause visual artifacts) we aim for non linear parameterizations. This naturally leads to looking into Gaussian processes.

The student will essentially need to


The internship requires to be fluent in C++ and very confortable with the acquisition of new mathematical concepts.

Do not hesitate to come talk with me. If you have your own ideas about global illumination and what can be done, I'm open as well. mail: cyril.soler@inria.fr.